Style Breakdown: Disney Donuts

Breaking down that sweet *donut* style!

One of my goals in 2019 was to get more in touch with my creative side, especially when it came to our Disney style. Read on to find out how a big box of felt, an overworked hot glue gun, and a whole lot of imagination can create something magically sweet...

Recycle, reuse and craft?
Crafting has always been one of my favorite things to do in my downtime and as a hobby. There's just something that sparks so much joy with dreaming up an idea, finding a way to make it happen, and seeing the end result. It's a true stress reliever, although mid-craft process can get a little tedious... the end result is always quite amazing! The feeling of seeing your finished product and in the case of Disney style, proudly wearing it around the park is truly the best feeling.
So where did all of this newfound creative juice come from? Well for starters: necessity. I ended up taking a leave from my full time job working in special education to stay at home with Ben. This leave is most likely going to end up being a permanent one because I just can't imagine life NOT being home with Ben. More on this entire topic later... but for now back to this post!

So with my own personal finances put into check, I had to revaluate my "Disney Budget". This meant that I just couldn't be out spending a ton of $$$ on every single latest and greatest Disney fashion tidbit that would pop up or ordering up custom pieces from some of my favorite shops, which I completely miss by the way. I took a good hard look at my current closet, all thanks to Marie Kondo and a "Tidying Up" binge watch. I realized that after years of Disney style hoarding, I actually had a lot of existing pieces that were never used or could be reworked/reused into something completely new.

So for every Disney trip of 2019 I've decided to get creative with our style, whether it be using an exiting piece from our closets, dabbling into DIY, or just seeing where the crafting possibilities can take us!

Disney donuts
For our March trip, I took on two different DIY attempts, the first being one from a Disney collection I've been obsessed with: the Disney DLish line. It's an entire collection dedicated to all your favorite Disney park snacks and eats. One particular look that I loved was the Mickey and Minnie donuts. So why not combine these things together and create a mommy and me style, all based off this adorable park treat? This was all literally inspired by a random 2am thought about how cute it would be to dress Ben as a giant Mickey Donut. Thoughts of pastel sprinkles, round ears, and more danced through my head. One of the first things I did the following morning was break open my "big box o felt" literally a giant plastic tub filled with felt, fabric scraps, and God knows what else... and see what I could use to craft up a donut for Ben. The second look I DIY'd was a take on the new "Celebration" confetti outfits at the parks, but more on this in another post to come!
Originally I just envisioned a simple donut glued onto a onesie...but of course, this mama went to the extreme and instead make a 3D filled donut to make everything that much sweeter! Oh and also to craft up an entire donut theme skirt for myself while I was at it, too.

So how did this look come together? Let's take a closer look starting with Ben's donut style!

Baby Donut DIY
*Disclaimer: This is barely a tutorial "tutorial". I tend to "freehand" a majority of my DIY projects. I don't know how to sew and most of my projects are held together my hot glue gun and lots of luck. So I apologize in advance if this style breakdown is a little vague or all over the place.

Materials you'll need:
- Felt
- Fabric scissors (these make a world of difference cutting through fabrics!) A large pair for large fabric cuts and a smaller pair for detailing usually does the trick.
- hot glue gun & LOTS of extra glue sticks
- paper plates (or anything circular and in the sizing you want) and pen
- polyfil stuffing
- A whole lot of faith in yourself that this will work!

Baby Donut step by step:
1. Trace paper plates onto your felt 4x, cut out.

2. Once circles are cut out, trace and cut a smaller hold in the middle as your "donut hole".
3. Using your hot glue gun, glue the inner circle (donut hole) edges together, repeat with outer edge. Leave a 2-3in opening at the bottom of the donut for filling.
4. fill with polyfil to desired "puff"

6. Use hot glue to seal remainder of donut
7. decorate with your felt frosting, sprinkles, etc

8. Cut out two, 2in strips of felt, use glue fun to attach to back of each "donut" to create the shoulder straps for outfit.
9. Optional: add smaller circular donuts for "ears"

10. Enjoy the cute!

Mama Donut skirt
Because you know mama's got to match... I had to create a sweet look to match my little Disney donut!

Materials you'll need:
- Basic skirt. One of my favorites is this basic from Amazon. These skirts come in a variety of colors and are fairly inexpensive. Perfect for crafting up Disney style ideas!
Basic Skirt *Amazon Affiliate link*
- 2 yards of fleece or felt fabric for frosting
- colored felt for sprinkles
- fabric scissors
- straight pins
- glue gun and glue sticks

Skirt step by step:
1. Lay out your skirt on a flat surface so you can get the whole front or back laid out.
2. Using straight pins, attach the fleece material to the waistband of the skirt.
3. Cut fabric to fit the outline of the skirt. This is where you can embellish the "frosting" look of the skirt
4. Glue "frosting" part to the skirt starting at the top nearest to the waistband. Attach the rest by glue, working your way slowly since the fleece can get bunched up easily when being attached to the base skirt.
5. Cut and attach felt "sprinkles" to the skirt.
6. You're done! Take note that if your skirt has elasticity to it, to be aware that if you glue your fleece to the waistband it will alter the stretch of the skirt. You may need to glue the material nearest your waistband a little looser to accommodate.
Phew, okay, so I know the above wasn't the most detailed explanation, but again, I tend to be a total "do it as you go" type of crafter. This always tends to drive PB insane because he and his engineer mind always are about solid measurements, directions and rules. I'm literally like "hmm, this looks like it needs more glitter!" type of gal.

The finishing touches
As much as I've cut back on my Disney style budget in lieu of crafting on my own now. There's still a few pieces and items i'll always try to prioritize for my budget. ForeverDreamDesign ears is one of them! The creative force behind the shop is Jocelyn and she's the sweetest! She first reached out to me right after Ben was born to gift us a few newborn felt ears and we instantly fell in love with her shop! Her shop specializes in simple, yet utterly magical Baby Mouse felt ears. They're easy to wear on a little one's head and they add just the right amount of Disney style to any outfit! You can definitely say I'm obsessed since I've been ordering them for Ben for almost all of his Disney trip looks! This trip was no exception and we ended up with the most adorable set of donut ears for Ben (& myself, too!).

The sweetest end result!
So there you have it, our Disney Donut style breakdown! I didn't expect to actually write up a entire (barely) tutorial about this look, so I lacked the necessary photos and basic instructions for the details. But I hope that for those that were curious, that this helps inspire you to get in touch with your own creative side and dream up something magical!

I'm hoping to do a few more style breakdowns of our Disney parks style in the future, with hopefully a little more organized detail, too. Thank you for bearing with me on this crafting journey! Until then, take care! 💜

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