Style Breakdown: DIY Easter Egg

It's time for an Egg-cellent style breakdown!
Easter is almost here and to celebrate, here's a little DIY breakdown of an easy to create Easter Egg, with a little Disney twist of course!

Extra- Eggstra!
Our most recent Disney adventures fell on the week before Easter. What better way to celebrate Spring and the upcoming holiday than with a little Egg-citing (how many of these Egg-puns can I add into one blog post?) DIY style!
Always having to go that "eggstra" mile when it comes to Ben's style, I wanted to create something fun to celebrate Easter. I've made it a point to try to craft a piece for each Disney trip we go on, and while it's extra work, there's just something so gratifying about creating and crafting up an idea for my little guy to wear. When dreaming up Ben's spring style, one image popped into my head right away... He just had to become a giant Easter egg!

Want to create your own egg? It's easy!
Materials Needed:
- multi colored felt
- glue gun
- fabric scissors
- polyfil stuffing
- a pen and paper to create your stencil

1. Gather your felt.

2. On a blank piece of paper create your "egg" template. Cut out.

3. Using the template, trace onto your felt 4x. Cut out.

4. Take two pieces of your "egg" shapes and using a hot glue fun, carefully glue the edges of your egg together. Be sure to keep your glue lines as even and close to the edges as possible. *Leave a 2-3in opening at the bottom of your glued egg.

5. Turn our egg inside out.

6. Stuff your "egg" to the desired puffed size with polyfil

7. Glue the opening of your egg shut.
8. Decorate your egg using different colored felt pieces, then glue onto your egg.

8. cut 1-2in wide pieces of felt to use as straps to hold your egg together and for your egg wearer's shoulder width. Just attach the straps with hot glue at the top of the egg. I've found that the hot glue is pretty good in keeping the straps on while Ben is wearing these types of outfits. If you'd like some extra reinforcement, you can hand stitch the straps for extra hold!

9. Poof! You're done!

As you can see from above, our little DIY Easter Egg is simple and will pay off with tons of cute! Hopefully this can help with any last minute Springtime crafts or style ideas for this Easter weekend! Thank you for reading and wishing you all the happiest Easter/Springtime weekend ahead! 💜

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