Magic at Home: DIY LEGO

I’ll never LEGO of you!

Time to grab your glue gun and creativity because it’s another easy and quick DIY: LEGO edition!

LEGO masters
LEGO have become quite a hit in our home. PB has always been super obsessed with them and now our little guy is finally at the age where he’s loving LEGO too!

LEGO has become quite a bonding activity for my boys. It's been such a joy to watch their imaginations run wild while building spaceships, cars, rockets and more with their blocks. While watching them create together one day another “lightbulb” moment hit... why not craft up some human sized LEGO for a fun dad and me?!

So I hit my craft bins and used items I already had on hand to dream up something fun for my boys. Ready for the DIY brick building fun? Here we go!

What you’ll need:

- Cardboard
- Paper rolls from toilet or paper towels
- Paint and brushes
- Construction paper to match your paint colors 
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors 
- Felt or ties for handles


1. Cut cardboard according to sizes you want your “LEGO” bricks to be. I chose to do a standard rectangle and square shape. 

2. Cut paper rolls. I used toilet paper rolls and was able to get about 3 even cuts from one roll.

3. Paint rolls and LEGO board. Let pieces dry.

4. While pieces are drying, cut matching construction paper circles to use to “cover” roll hole to make your 3D LEGO peg.

5. Attach paper circles to roll pieces with glue gun

6. Attach roll “pegs” to your cardboard with your glue gun.

7. Add felt strips or any type of material for your handles on the back of your cardboard LEGO.

**I made the LEGO to be used as photo props, but if you want to turn it into a wearable costume you can, too! Just double the cardboard pieces you use from Step 1 to use the second piece as a "back".  Paint the second board with the same color as your 3D front. Cut out two pieces of felt or material for your shoulder straps. Use your glue gun to attach the shoulder straps to the inside of your boards, making sure to leave enough room in between for your head. Poof! Instant LEGO costume!

8. Enjoy the LEGO fun!

Never LEGO
As you can see, with a few simple craft items, this super easy LEGO diy can come to life!!! My guys loved their LEGO boards and it was a fun way bring some joy and catch a cute dad and me photo of my boys together! 

If you happen to use this tutorial and make your own DIy LEGO fun, give me a tag on IG @pbandjellyjenn 

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