Magic At Home: Forky Milkshake

A Spork Shake? No, it's even better, it's a Forky Shake!
Mixing up a little magic at home with this easy to make Forky Milkshake!

Mixing Up Some Forky Fun!
I have a mama confession: my son is a milkshake monster. There's just something about these cool, frozen treats that he's goes totally gaga over! So when the heat cranked up this week where we live, I wanted to dream up a little fun and make him a special milkshake treat. 
My Forky Milkshake started as a crazy sketch concept!
I settled on a basic vanilla shake since that was about all the ingredients we had on hand. While digging through a drawer looking for sprinkles to add a little jazz to the concoction, I found a stash of early quarantine baking goodies that never got used. Candy eyes, melting candies, piping bags galore were uncovered! It got me thinking about what I could Whip up with the supplies on hand and then it hit me... a plain white vanilla base, some food coloring... candy eyes?.... Forky! He’s adorable, yet so simple in design that this might just work... 

What you’ll need:

Vanilla Shake:
- Vanilla Ice Cream
- Milk
- Whipped Cream

Forky Details
- White Chocolate or White Candy Melts
- Blue and Red Food Coloring
- Piping Bags ( a Ziplock bag can be used, too)
- Parchment Paper
- Candy Eyes 
- Pipe Cleaner for Arms

Forkin’ Details

Begin with prepping your Forky details first since they’ll need time to cool and harden.

1. Melt white chocolate or Candy Melts into three separate bowls. Add blue food coloring into one bowl and red into another. 

2. Add white, blue and red melted chocolate into piping bags

3. Pipe Forky shapes onto parchment paper. White for “spork” tips, blue for his mouth and red for his brow.

4. Let your Forky pieces harden.

Let's Get Shakin'

While your Forky details are cooling, start mixing up your shake!

1. Add 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream with 1/4 cup of milk.

2. Blend together until smooth and creamy. Add in more milk to get to desired texture. 

3. Pour into glass!

4. Assemble your Forky by adding whipped cream on top. Add your chocolate spork tip with red brow on top. Attach candy pieces onto glass with a small amount of melted chocolate or candy melt. To finish it off, wrap a pipe cleaner at the bottom of your glass to complete the look!

5. Enjoy!

Easy Peasy!
I was surprised how easy and fun this was to create! Do I sense more shake creations to come in the future? Stay tuned, until then thank you for reading and enjoy this sweet shake goodness. 💜

If you create your own Forky shake be sure to tag me on IG @pbandjellyjenn so I can see your shake fun!

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