Magic at Home: Toy Story Alien Pizza

OooOooh.... A pizza from the outside!

Ready for an easy, out of this world snack? Well grab your aprons space rangers because we're ready to blast off into some kitchen fun!

Pizza Planet Dreams
It's no secret that I'm a little more than OBSESSED with a certain Pixar alien. I'm so in love with the "Little Green Men" or "Toy Story Alien" from the Pixar films that most of my Instagram audience end up tagging or sending me the latest and greatest news featuring the character. A few weeks back, my inbox was overwhelmed with a shared post from Loungefly Bags that featured my favorite little alien holding the iconic Toy Story Pizza Planet box. Naturally, this crazy Disney girl ended up ordering said bag and it's been Pizza Planet dreams ever since!

So what does a bag have to do with a pizza tutorial? Well, everything! This bag actually is what motivated our little pizza night idea, which in turn inspired this mama to attempt to make not just any type of pizza, but a Toy Story Alien inspired pizza.

Full disclaimer. I 'm not a great home cook, but with a few little shortcuts (hello ready to bake pizza dough!) and some imagination, the sky is the limit to some kitchen creativity!

Ready to create your own pizza alien? Here we go:

What You'll Need:

- Ready to Bake pizza dough
- Pizza Sauce 
- Shredded Mozzarella cheese
- Pepperoni
- Spinach
- Sliced black olives (PB accidentally picked up diced olives, so we made do with it, but sliced will work better.)
- Parchment Paper
- Small kitchen knife to cut your alien shape

*most of your "alien" will be covered with a spinach top, so you can add other ingredients underneath to create your own personal preference/flavor.


1. Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees or whatever temperature is listed on your specific pizza dough you're using.

2. On a baking sheet, line parchment paper and carefully unroll your dough.

3. Cut out your alien face shape on your dough.

4. Add sauce, cheese and any toppings.

5. Cover your alien with a generous amount of spinach. Most of the spinach leaves will wilt during the baking time, so the more will equal more green coverage!

6. Add pepperoni eyes and cut another in half to use for the mouth.

7. Add black olives to use as eyes.

8. Bake for designated amount of time for your dough. The brand we used said 14-18 minutes and since my pizza was smaller, 14 minutes was enough time for a crispy crust and even color.

9. Enjoy!

Eternally Full With Cuteness
There you have it, an easy pizza alien tutorial! I hope you enjoyed this little kitchen craft today. As always, if you happen to try your own Little Green Men pizza at home, give me a tag on my Instagram @pbandjellyjenn

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