The COVID Diaries: Home for the Holidays

 Oh there's no place like HOME for the holidays...

These lyrics are especially true for this year. 2020 has given us some unexpected curveballs with a pandemic and pretty much changed much of our daily lives, including this holiday season. But despite the changes, we're making the most of it all! Read on to find out how we're making our holiday at home merry & bright.

Home Sweet Home

The holidays are usually such a special time. Under normal circumstances, our days would be filled with fun seasonal outings, gift shopping, catching the Christmas lights in the city and just traditional merriment with all of our loved ones. This year due to COVID, all of our typical Christmas festivities are now cancelled or put on hold due to current lockdown orders, safety restrictions and of course: 2020. 

If I'm being honest, this holiday season has been tough. The separation from family, the negativity of the current situation of the pandemic, the feeling of one hit after another with this year in general has definitely weighed on us in so many ways. But as with every hardship our little family has faced, we're trying our best to make the most of what we can with this year.

While this holiday season may be a whole lot different than years past, we tried to create our own versions of holiday magic here at home and in pandemic safe fashion.


If there's something that serves as an instant mood booster, it's crafting time. Not only is it a form of relaxation, but the end result always results in a little spark of joy! Here's a little look back at some of the crafts that sparked a whole lot of Christmas joy for the season!

My little white "Kawaii" Christmas tree! I've always dreamed of having a winter wonderland tree in our home and in 2020 that finally came true. This little tree was definitely a silver lining of these COVID times because with all the time spent at home, it meant decorating to the nines! As rough as this season has been, seeing this dreamy little "kawaii" (cute) adorned tree in the corner of our living room always brings a little smile.

How about some wearable magic?! We weren't able to have our traditional Disney holiday trips this year, but I was still able to craft up some Disney style goodness at home:

Read all about these DIY Snow Mouse earrings HERE.

And I can't forget about some home DIY decor!

A Backyard Winter Wonderland

Can't be in the middle of the magic due to the pandemic? Why not bring the magic to your backyard instead?! What began as a consolation to a cancelled Downtown Disney/Buena Vista Street trip, unfolded into so much more! PB knew I was bummed that we weren't able to get a dose of Disney Holidays this year, so he gave me the green light to decorate our backyard for the season. Naturally, this mama took the offer and literally ran (to the craft store) with it and turned a portion of our yard into a winter wonderland backdrop that would help make all our time spent at home a little more magical.

New Traditions

Although our usual traditions are put on hold this year, we're finding the fun in creating new ones. We're usually on the go all December long, but this time at home introduced us to the little things that we would overlook in a typical year. The simple things like hopping in the car to find Christmas lights around our neighborhood, to introducing Ben to all the classic Christmas movies that we never had time to watch before. We've been soaking in the little moments and they're proving to be some of the brightest memories this year.

''Home is Where the Heart is

Even though Christmas and the holidays are different this year, the one thing we've learned is that you can find some equally magical and special moments right from the heart of your home. One thing is forsake, this 2020 COVID holidays from home will definitely go down in the merry memory books! Happy Holidays everyone!

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