Magic at Home: DIY Snow-Mice Earrings


It’s the merriest time of year and I’m getting into the holiday spirit with all the festive style! Read on to see how to create these SNOW cute Mickey & Minnie inspired earrings.

Snow Mice & Everything Nice

I’m a sucker for a good pair of Disney accessories. So when we had a holiday adventure, I wanted to create something fun and festive to bring a little extra joy for the occasion. I dug through my craft cabinet and found some leftover poms, felt, unused earrings from my jewelry box and broke out my trusty glue gun to create these easy DIY earrings!

What You’ll Need:

-white poms in two sizes

-colored felt

-earring backings

** If you don't have earring backings on hand, you can also you any old pair of earrings that have a flat type of backing. I had an old pair from F21 that I recycled for this project.**

-glue gun


How to Create Your Snow Mice Earrings:

1. Glue your poms together to create your snow mice.

2. Cut our eyes, nose, ears and scarf pieces out of felt. 

** Tip, if you can use a smaller pair of fabric scissors, it will make it easier to cut out the tiny details.

3. Carefully using your glue gun, glue the details onto your poms. 

**Tip, use a toothpick to adjust any of your details once glued onto your pom.

4. Glue your snow mice poms onto your earrings.

5. Let dry and POOF your have a new cozy set of Mickey & Minnie  Snow earrings!

Snow Cute!

There you have it, another easy DIY that will be sure to bring some magic and joy to your holiday season. Until next time, thanks for reading and take care!💜

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