Early Math Adventures with Osmo!

Math adventures with Osmo!

Real play, real learning that the entire family will enjoy! Today I’m talking all about Osmo’s newest addition to the fun: early math adventures! 

**Disclosure: Osmo sent us their Little Genius Starter Kit with Early Math Adventures for free to review. All opinions expressed below are my own.**

Little Genius
We love Osmo! A few months ago, Osmo sent us their Super Studio game with Mickey & Friends. Our little guy loved his Osmo since it fused his favorite Disney pals, technology and fun games in one. As parents, we loved that Osmo gave us a way to let our little guy have that much desired screen time, but in a healthy and educational way. A total win, win, right?

Well today I’m sharing about even more Play Osmo fun! We received the Little Genius Starter Kit with Early Math Adventure which is geared for children 3-5 years old! The kit included the Osmo base, 6 game apps, squiggle magic silicone builders, costume party pieces and silicone play mat. Talk about an all inclusive learning party in one!

Early Math Adventures!
The main highlight of this pack is the brand new early math adventures games: Shape Builder and Counting Town.

Shape Builder:
Our little one was instantly drawn to this one. The game encourages your child to create fun designs and masterpieces with you guessed it... shapes! This was a great way to introduce our son to learning about different shape concepts, like how each shape is made of different building concepts like lines, curves and circles.

Counting Town
This game has your child work on their counting and imagination skills. The premise is an adorable little town that your child helps "build" by completing different tasks involving number concepts, as well as creating fun to complete an adorable town!

It’s safe to say that our son loved both games! We loved how both games touched on different learning skills that not just included numbers and shapes, but also various other important things as well. We loved how it fused concepts for young ones like following directions, kinetic learning with the squiggle pieces and nourishing creativity!

Another Learning Win!
Osmo has done it again with their Little Genius Early Math Adventure. It fused the concepts of tech, learning and play that we’ve already know and love about Osmo. But this time adding in a dose of math and shapes elements to the learning fun. This will definitely be a staple in our educational rotation! Thank you Osmo for the newest learning adventures!

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