Magic at Home: DIY Mickey Musubi Dress

Musu-bae Magic!

I’ve been on a roll with all things musubi lately, so why not continue the fun with the easy, new sew DIY musubi dress!

DIY Musubi Magic
I've got so much love for the Mickey musubi! So much adoration that I wanted to channel it's magic into a fun DIY style. This was such a fun and easy project that will only take 15 minutes (or less) to put together. Best part? It's NO SEW! So grab your glue guns, break out your felt and let's get to crafting!

What You'll Need:

-White Dress or Top
-Colored Felt (Brown, Greens, Yellow)
-Glue Gun
-Mickey Shaped Template (or you can freehand like I usually do.)
-Safety Pins or Velcro


1. Using your brown colored felt, cut out a large Mickey pattern that will cover a good portion of your dress or top. I have a large Mickey Mouse shaped template I picked up years ago from Joann Fabric. I use this occasionally to reference, but you can freehand or print one from online. For a more authentic "SPAM" look, I made sure to elongate the bottom portion to make it look like a SPAM slice.

2. Cut your green felt and measure around your waist. This will become your "Nori/Seaweed" belt. The length and width will vary according to your own personal preference. My belt was about 5-6in wide.

3. Cut out your small bits of circles and strips to make your "furikake (Sesame/Seaweed mix)" for sleeves.

4. Use your glue gun to attach your Mickey SPAM cut out to the front of your dress or top.  Then add furikake bits onto your sleeves. Finally, glue velcro onto the ends of your nori belt. If you don't have velcro on hand, you can attach your belt with safety pins.

5. Poof! You're now ready to be a giant Mickey musubi!

Musubi Style 100%
I hope you enjoyed this super quick and easy DIY Mickey musubi tutorial! If you happen to create your own musubi magic at home, give me a tag at @pbandjellyjenn on Instagram! 💜

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