Magic at Home: Mickey Musubi

Musubi Magic!
Bringing a dose of Disney Aulani magic today with this DIY Mickey Musubi!

An Aulani Favorite at Home!
Something we miss most during these Stay at Home times? All the amazing eats from our past travels. One particular foodie item I crave is this yummy Hawaiian favorite: the musubi. What's a musubi? It's a popular handheld snack comprising of cooked SPAM (canned meat), sushi rice, and nori (seaweed sheets). Other yummy ingredients can be added like furikake, egg, veggies, and more!

The musubi has made it's way over to the mainland from the islands, but there's one particular type of musubi that is more magical than the rest... For this at home DIY I took inspiration from the famous Mickey shaped musubi that's found at the gorgeous Disney Aulani Resort on Oahu. Ready to cook up some aloha goodness? Here we go!

What You'll Need:

- 1 Can of SPAM 
**The usual musubi is made of original flavored SPAM. I only had a "Tocino" flavored SPAM in my pantry to use for this tutorial, but it still worked. Tocino is a sweet Filipino breakfast meat, so the flavor was sweeter than normal, but it was still yum. I'd suggest using the regular SPAM flavor to keep it authentic, but you're welcome to experiment with other SPAM flavors if you come across them.**
- 1/4 cup of Soy Sauce
- 1/4 cup of Oyster Sauce
- 1/2 cup of white sugar
- Nori (Seaweed) sheets cut into 1 inch strips
- Furikake mix (optional)
- 3 cups of cooked white sushi or white rice. 
** You can adjust the amount of rice. I only used about 3 cups, but you can make more or less depending on how many musubi you intend to make.**
- Mickey shaped mold. We used a musubi mouse mold by @imalittlesomething but you can also use a Mickey cookie cutter to use as a mold.

Cooking Instructions
Prepare your SPAM & marinade:

1. Slice your SPAM. One can should yield about 8-10 slices.

2. In a mixing bowl, mix sugar, soy sauce, and oyster sauce together until fully combined.

3. Next, in a shallow dish, place your SPAM slices down and pour marinade mixture over the slices. Let your SPAM marinate for 15 minutes. If you really want to get DIY, you can use a large ziplock bag and place your SPAM and marinade mixture in together.

4. While your SPAM is marinating, cook your 3 cups of white rice. Being Asian, we cook our rice via a rice cooker! If you happen to have on on hand, measure out your cups of rice grain and place into pot. Rinse your rice under water until the water runs clear. Once your rice is clean, add water to cover your rice for cooking. Another inherently "Asian" thing we learned growing up is how much water to add to your rice for cooking. The typical standard is a 1:2 ratio, so for every cup of rice, add 2 cups of water. But growing up we were taught the "finger method" for our water ratio, LOL. Basically to fill enough water so that when you place your index finger to the surface of the rice, the water comes up to your first knuckle! Once you have your rice ready, set to cook and wait for the ding!

If you need more rice cooking tips or don't have a designated rice cooker you can use your stovetop! Head here for rice cooking instructions:

5. Cook your SPAM. Using medium high heat, place your marinated SPAM slices down in a shallow pan. Cook until your SPAM on both sides until you get a nice crisp edging.

Once your rice and SPAM is cooked and cooled, you're ready to assemble your musubi!
This Mouse shaped musubi maker from @imalittlesomething worked magically in musubi making!

1. On a clean surface, place your nori (seaweed) strip down.

2. Lightly wet your musubi mold and place in the center of the nori strip. This will help prevent the rice from sticking when you pull the mold off.

3. Add an even layer of rice to the bottom of your Mickey mold. I filled about 1/3 of the way up my mold. Using either your musubi press or a flat surface of a spoon, press down firmly to compact your rice. This will help your musubi shape stay firm and together.

4. Add any toppings you wish on top of rice then add your cooked SPAM. For the Mickey shaped mold, using half of a SPAM slice worked perfectly!

5. Once all your ingredients are in, carefully remove your mold. Fold over nori strip (use a small amount of water to seal) to create your finished musubi.

6. Enjoy the Mickey musubi goodness!

Now you're ready to eat! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on how to infuse a little Aulani magic into your own home! 💜


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