Magic at Home: DIY Ice Cream Dress

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

July 19th is National Ice Cream Day! I'm celebrating this sweet day in two ways. With a cone of my favorite ice cream treat and this easy, no sew, DIY ice cream dress to match. Want to entire SCOOP? Read on to see the tutorial!

Mint to Be!
I just can't quit these adorable foodie style DIY projects! There's just something so fun in creating these delicious life sized looks. When it came national ice cream day, I knew this easy, NO SEW craft was "mint to be".

I took inspiration from my favorite ice cream flavor, mint chocolate chip! There's just something oh so good about this minty and chocolatey combo. Not only does it make for a cool snack, but also a cute DIY dress!

The best part of this project? How easy it was to create! In about 15 minutes (or less) you can also have your own life sized version of this sweet ice cream treat. Let's get to crafting!

What You'll Need

- Felt (Brown, Green *optional*)
- Glue gun
- Mint or green hue dress or top
- Tan construction paper
- Scissors
- Brown Marker

How to Make Your Minty Ice Cream Dress

1. Cut out 1" and 2"inch strips of brown felt.

2. Cut your strips into smaller squares and rectangles for your "chocolate chips". No need for perfection here. In fact, the chips look even better when they're all a little bit different from one another, in my opinion!

3. Using your glue gun, attach your "chips" onto your green dress or top. Once again, no rhyme or reason to placement. Just eyeball where you think they'll look good.

4. Using your construction paper, cut out a circle with a "slice" left out. Wrap around to make your "cone" hat. Attach with glue or regular tape if you have any on hand.

5. Using your marker, add your cone detailing. 

6. **Optional** I had some extra green felt on hand (thanks felt box!) and I used it to create a "melty" effect for my cone hat. If you want to add this detail, cut out a small strip with curved edging. Cut enough to cover the entire inside circumference of the cone. Then attach with glue.

7. Turn yourself into a life sized Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone! *I attached my cone hat with a few hair pins, but you can also attach to a headband if that's more comfortable for you.

Scoop! There It Is!
There you have it! A super simple, no sew mint chocolate chip ice cream DIY! It's the perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream day or any day that may need a dose of sweet style. Thank you for following along with all the fun, until next time everyone, take care.💜

If you're looking for even MORE ice cream goodness to craft up... the Mickey ice cream garland in my background made for an extra dose of sweet magic! You can find the tutorial HERE on Disney Family.

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